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- according to recomendation
- Maintenace Small

change of parts like seals, pistons, needle, and more

Verifying test is normally done:
Flowm pressure, injection precision
Tests are at most times ended with a customer specific sample or a standard. It also depends on the detector. 

One does not change everything on a system and there is small service pakage for system not used so frequently.

What to think about:
Repair is not part of yearly maintenance, but it might be a step to a working system. A yearly service on the otherhand might be part of faultfinding to get rid of existing problems. 

When a repair starts the yearly maintenance is paused untill system is in working condition.

In 90% of the cases a problem is solved within an hour.

A qualification is depending of needs and demands placed at you as a customer.

If you are unsure contact us and let us help you decide what you need.

Qualification is a controll of your systems performance. The content varies and below test are not mandatory for every system. Such as as system -HPLC, GC, MS and tyoe odf detector and demands from your customer decide what test you need.

wavlenghtaccuracy, Injector/detector linjarity, injection precision  accuracy, Flow -  isocratic and gradient,  temperature eg. colum- GC own, FID, injector temperature. Noise and drift.
These test can be some of the qualification test for your system. 

What to think about when qualifying:
Limits for the tests is depending on your demand but can never be lower than the manufactures recomendation.

A test should not and is not expected to be run untill it's passed. A faild test must be evaluated before rerun and it's than considered a new qualification in most cases. 

Before a qualification one should consider system age, previus maintence known faults and other possible reasons for a test not to pass a qualification.


A repair consists of a fault description, faultfindigs, considerations of possible actions, and an action plan.
This should be done in agreement with the customer or there might be two unhappy parties.

Faulty description:

It must be as well defined as possible.
It does not mean it tell us where the problem is but it tell us where to start.

Fault finding:
It's done from customer information, knowledge, information discovered during fault finding procedure and from the supplyer of the system.

Action plan:
An action plan is considered togheter with the customer. Sometimes it's just an adjustment and sometimes it's a more demanding action like changing sparepart.

Action is taken acording to the action plan. Nothing is done without informing the customer who takes the decision of what to do.

Price, discount, terms and conditions

Yearly Maintenance:
Fixed price
7200Kr specific rules is applied

Spare parts not included

fixed price:
9600Kr specific rules are applied

Standard not included


Fixed price is applied only when specified in an agreement.

Spare parts not included

Travel 1.

1200kr T/R

Travel 2.

Travel 3.
Depending on where the site is located
University special prices are used.
Price is depending of brand, what should be changed and supplier of spare parts.

Spare parts:
Price is depending of brand, what should be changed and supplier of spare parts.

Other costs:


Road Tolls


Other cost may be applied


Is applied for longterm customers and for new customers who would like to see what we can do.

Did we fail to meat your expectaion?

We need to know, so please tell us. It's our only chance to come back to you and try to 
correct what we did.