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Our Services

We are specialists servicing Agilent, Waters, ThermoFisher, other brands like Hitachi, Shimatsu and more. 

we do service and sales on all these products including gasgenerators to GC.
Which brand do you prefer?
We visit your site and are cheking several parameters before installation,
if you haven't all ready done so.
Some of the parameters are:


•Pre installed supplies

•Pressure, purity, and location

•Costs of service or fixed installation

•Do you need a profitability calculation?

Call us for consultation. All information collected during consultation is your to use as you please

What is it used for?

Wonder what you can use a hydrogen-, nitrogen-, or clean air generator?

Areas of use:

  • N2 - Car and truck tires:  increase life span, reduce fuel consumption, reduce amount of fill of tires
  • N2 - Food: Increase duration date
  • N2, air,H2 - Masspectrometers, FID, GC, lab and hospitals

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Response time normally within 48h