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Agilent 1100-System Quart.pump/Wav. Det.

92 000 kr
Exkl. moms
Agilent 1100 Quartinary
Finns i lager
Agilent 1100-system.
Quartinary pump  - MCG valve
Wavlenght detector
Column oven
G1313 Autosampler
Warrenty: 0/3/6 or 1 year
Price is dependent on the warrenty and software you need

0 year warrenty no software - 92 000 SKr.
3 month warrenty no software - 106 000 Skr PM-tests will be handed over.
6 month warrenty no software - 125 000 SKr PM and OQ and tests will be handed over.
1 year warrenty no software - 150 000 SKr PM and OQ and tests will be handed over.
Computersystem - 15 000Skr, Computer with chemstation controll suit, no specific documentation, extra harddisk with backup.
Clarity can be delivered with all documentation -start price 20000 Skr
PM performed on system
Test performed on the system.
PM tests:
Pressure test, leak test,
Filter test, Dark current test, Cell test, intensity test, holmium test, Wavlenght test
Clumn test
OQ tests:
Wavlenght test, Injection precision test, Detector Liniarity test, noise and drift, Gradient test, Column heat liniarity test and precsion test, flow check.
Strömfåran appoliges for any misspeling or test not reported. Strömfåran should not be held responsable for any such misstake.